Griffin Xan’s first quarter start small Jordan: its performance is not affected by the impact of the

Design volvo logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300318The Clippers beat the Jazz scored a series home court, to rewrite the score 1-1.

The clippers, the suppression of jazz, first hit single 29-18 score, Black Griffin, Chris Paul and Andre de – Jordan three first quarter 13 in 10 together. The Jazz did not have a lead in the game.

“This is important,” said Griffin Black, who scored a game high 24 points, three points ahead of the key corner hit the distal locking victory. “We have a great spirit and we are all driven by the first game, because everyone is aggressive, and that’s what we need right now. Regardless of the shot into and not into, must maintain the aggressiveness. Aggressive offensive side will drive the defensive side.”

Due to Goebel’s absence, the Jazz scored only 38 points inside the team, while the clippers is the advantage of the rolling of 62, which is an important factor affecting the results of the game. There is no pressure on the side, little Jordan is 18 points and 15 rebounds dominate the data inside.

“I don’t care about anyone,” said Jordan, when asked if he was more likely to show aggression because of the absence of Goebel. “I hope Goebel is in good health and I hope he will return to the series. We can’t just worry about a particular person, and whether he is there or not will not affect my responsibility. No matter who is on the pitch, my duty is to play well.”

Jazz coach Quin – Schneider bluntly, the team to find other ways to solve the shackles inside”.

Remove the Clippers three giants to play well, Luke – Bamot and Gordon – Hayward in the position of the game is excellent, positive and negative value of +17 is the highest, while Hayward positive and negative value is as low as -17, so the club’s performance has also been affirmed Paul.

“I’ve always been Bamot’s most loyal fan of the game,” said Paul.

Joe – Johnson: throw lore is his own game

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With a throw throw lore, 36 year old Joe – Johnson became the focus of the first game of the playoffs. Paul hit a tie after Jazz coach Schneider did not pause, but let the game continue.

Teammate Hayward said: “we just want to get the ball and let this guy solve the problem.” Dior said: “he has been doing this throughout his career, so we have confidence in him when he gets the ball at the last minute.”

Johnson said, “I remember Joe Ingalls as a cover for me, and then Jamal – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. I watched the clock go on and I knew I was going to attack. I just want to be close to the basket and the ball is really great.”

During the eagles, Joe Johnson got the nickname “singles Joe”. What is the mentality of breaking up these goals? Johnson said: “at this stage of the game, the defender is useless. It’s like you’re fighting yourself. No defender wants you to score in front of him. I just have to be patient and throw a ball at a sweet spot.”

In the case of not winning, Johnson said: “I think we know that he (Goebel) has been removed after we have removed the. But brother, we’re back and we’re playing 48 games. We had a lot of ups and downs, but in the end we got the win.”

Over the past 10 years, Joe Johnson in the regular season and playoffs in 8’s buzzer, there is no suspense ranked first in active service. Ranked second James and Iguodala were only 4 times.

Tyronn Lue: the eastern part of the team but we can win more.

Design toyota logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.3003052015-17 season’s regular season ended. Whether or not it is ready, the Cavaliers’ playoff journey begins.

Over the past six weeks, they have more negative wins, after the end of the war against the Raptors, they have since March 1st record of only 10 wins and 14 losses. But coach tyronn Lue is considered in the sunshine after the rain.

“Anyway, it’s here now,” Lu said to the playoffs. “All the talk is over. There’s something we can do, what we’re going to do. The playoffs are here. So we either act or shut up.”

Their first challenge will be Paul – George walker.

The last time the two teams clash, the Cavaliers will experience a double overtime will win over the opponent, the regular season dialogue fixed in 3 wins and 1 losses. The game, George scored 43 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, while the Lebron – James scored 41 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

The only victory for the Pacers was in November last year, when James did not play. This season, the Cavaliers in the absence of James in the case of 8 full defeat.

“Their coach team is great,” Lu talk to competitors, “doing excellent coach Nate Macmillan in the second half of the season the team to solve the problems, he found what he was looking for the players and the team sent collocation. They have played very well. George will abandon the breakthrough, try to use the pick and roll around Lebron, because it is difficult for you to play back or singles Lebron, so he had to run around. We must be prepared for this.”

“Including Geoff Teague is also a very fast defender can suddenly launched an attack, give you a lot of pressure, can inside the box. This is the two thing we have to do better in the playoffs.”

Indy only needs 1 wins to lock the playoffs George & Henderson

Design smart logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300290Pacers away 120-111 to 76 people, with a record of 41 wins and 40 losses in the eastern part of the East, the east of the sixth bucks, the difference between the 1 wins in the field of the game, the difference between the seventh.

In the last week of the game, Paul – George averaged 31.7 points and 9 rebounds, shooting rate of up to 57.4%, ranked first in the East, rebounding tied for the east of the top seventh, and won the best player of the week.

The game, George scored the highest score of 27 points and 5 assists, but at the end of the game due to the accumulation of two technical foul, but the Pacers will lead to the end. This is the fourth time George career has been sent off, and all occurred in the season.

Before the end of the game 2 minutes 59 seconds, 76 team Gerrard – Henderson in the ball in elbowing George neck (garrote action), after video playback, the referee second foul, is directly ejected, and George also because of suspected Henderson elbowed back retaliatory action and received the field second technical fouls the same was expelled.

“He has had a small action, all night on my stomach, and I did not retaliate, but the referee turned a blind eye, I also have been reminded to pay attention to his actions, but they still let the elbow action happened,” George explained.

“He pulled down before me, I didn’t do what, also be the fifty strokes to a technical foul. Then he elbowed my neck, what I did, but once again received a technical foul, “obviously, George for the referee is very dissatisfied.

Cut cut into 81 lore background Wiggins: so bad to lose

Design rolls-royce logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300276At Staples Center in Losangeles, the team played the first team in the history of the first team to beat a single field at the same time cut off the combination of 40+. Carle – Anthony – Downes storm had 40 points and 21 rebounds, Andrew scored 41 points. NBA regular season, only 13 team members in the history of a single field at the same time, 40+, the last pair of Russell in October 2015 – Westbrook (48) and the – – – – – (-) – (43) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.

But the wolves did not take away victory, Dean Gilo – Russell three points Yijianfenghou, win game.

When it comes to Wiggins’s record, Downes said: “it doesn’t make any sense, we’re beaten, so those history scores are meaningless.”

“It’s too bad to lose in such a way,” said Wiggins. “The offense is not our problem. We need to defend and attack our offensive rebounds. We dug a hole for ourselves, not only to grab the offensive rebound, but also to hit some balls.”

Today the Timberwolves Lakers grabbed 12 offensive rebounds, including Julius Randle in the last round of offensive rebound, the wolves are the most deadly. It was this rebound that made Russell the winner.

“Because there is a result, we didn’t get the rebound. And all you need to do is take the rebound, “said Tom, the Timberwolves coach,” said Thibodeau.

9 data: cool Lillard a career high 59 points broke the record in team history

Design skoda logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300282In 1, the Blazers win over the Jazz in game 34, Lillard voted 18 burst cut 59 points, breaking the individual occupation career single game scoring record, while breaking the single game scoring record in team history, the first section of 26 points tied a single score record in team history.

Goebel’s 20000 points in the league’s history, the first time in the history of the League to get a score of 1000 points, 1000 rebounds and a cap of 200 players in the history of the team’s Joe – Johnson.

9 data cool: small Thomas single season super 20+ score of 70

2, the green army victory over the Hornets, Isaiah Thomas scored 32 points and 6 assists, this is the seventieth time this season, he scored 20 points, surpassing legend Kevin – Mchale among the team history single season scoring third in the standings 20+.

9 data cool: small Thomas single season super 20+ score of 70

3 bucks, 76 playoff wins, they since the 2000-01 season in the playoffs again did not win any round of the series, is currently the longest record of alliance.

In 4, the Hornets game against Celtic, Kemba Walker scored 23 points, surpassing Larry Johnson that he (92-93) has become the team history single season 20+ matches more than and 2 players also have the; beyond Larry Johnson (92-93) and Glen rice (97-98) as the team single season scoring total in history more than and 2 players. In addition, he hit two points today, scoring three goals, making him the only player to hit the in the first quarter of the season with a 240+ of three points.

Wei ignored the three single season record: the only goal of the championship

Design mercedes-benz logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300235NBA regular season continues, in the end of the game in the end of the day today, the thunder on the road to 99-120 negative sun.

The thunder side, although Westbrook become a “big O” after winning season second person in history to three pairs, but he in today but no broken together held by he and O single season record of three double. Today, he got 23 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists, with only a difference of two assists in the three. Although the world feel pity for this, but in the eyes of some things far less than the big break O record much more important.

“Since I came here, (thunder) especially in this season, my main goal is a championship,” Westbrook said, “if I want to get 10 assists, I can certainly get 10 assists so. Everyone wants to see my record, but it’s more important for me and for the team.”

It is reported that after the game, disappointed with the results of the game Wei Wei went straight into the sun’s training ground for about an hour of training. Visible for less than today, he has not been able to save the team some heart.

“You have to be mentally prepared,” said Wei, after the game. “You have to understand the importance of the game and want to make sure that it is best to help the team. Tonight I feel like I’m letting them down.”

Although the team is saddled with a huge 23 difference in the final, but the thunder coach Billy – Donovan did not intend to go away. He let Wei little continue to debut, and hope he can lead the team out of decline. But it did not help the team, but let many people think Donovan has let Westbrook brush data too at the end. After today’s game, Donovan also explained his own arrangement.

“No, I did not do this to him (Westbrook) to take three pairs,” after Donovan explained, “I have seen this season many unbelievable moments, such as in Dallas and Orlando, I think you know what I’m saying. When he (Westbrook) at the three point hand feeling hot, and we also hit a lot of shots, I just want to let the team get every chance to win.”

Rookie list: the top three unchanged Zubats first list

Design maybach logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300221Update the League Rookie list, we still topped the German, Saric and Blo Gordon followed. It is worth noting that the Lakers Michael Ingram fell out of the top ten, he was replaced by the Lakers in the two round of the show from the same ancestor Bartz.

1, Nebid (76, last week ranked No. first)

After the left knee surgery, we De to wait until the summer to restore the basketball activities. Nevertheless, we are still the best rookie season de contender. It is reported that there are some voters, Nebid is still the best rookie as their best choice.

2, Saric (76, last week ranked No. second)

After the end of German claims, Saric is undoubtedly the most popular state rookie players. In the previous game against the Bulls game, Saric scored 32 points and 10 rebounds, won the season tenth pairs, surpassing Nebid, two rookie players ranked in all first. In addition, in February 7th to March 25th, Saric 22 consecutive games to get a score of two digits, since the 1996-97 season, after the Iverson, the continuous scoring on the double maximum of up to 76 players. In that season, Iverson 32 consecutive games, a total of 26 consecutive games to reach the figure of two. Saric has the opportunity to be among the top players in the number of major data in the top 3, for more of the best rookie votes.

3, Blo Gordon (bucks, ranked third last week)

Saric may be the best rookie of the month in March, but in the same month, the performance of the same outstanding Blo Gordon. Blo Gordon averaged 12.5 points per game this month, shooting at a rate of up to 49.3% and a 3-1. Blo Gordon is playing a more and more important role in the playoffs for the bucks.

Nur Cic: I wish them a happy summer

Design koenigsegg logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300200Before the two teams the same record, the pioneer column eighth in the west, Denver is ninth, while the previous two teams played a important to the 1-1, as can be imagined. The Blazers won the game, which gave them the upper hand in the playoffs.

Nur Cic for the first time to fight the old lord, he cut his career high 33 points, with another 16 rebounds.

“They know what they’re missing,” said Nur Cic, referring to his old teammates. “But they are happy that I have found my place and I am very happy.”

“Have a nice summer.” Nur Cic said.

The pioneers will also understand Nur Cic’s attention to the battle of the day, said Lillard. “He is so strict with himself because he cares. Last night, I was watching the game and he said to me, ‘I need you tomorrow,’ I know he really wants to win. I just wanted to comfort him and say, ‘you’ll be fine. You’ll have a great game.'”

“When he came here, he drew a small circle for today’s game,” Mackler M said. “We gave him a slogan,” from the bench to the playoffs. “”

Nur Cic this strong performance also won the praise of Mike – the former coach, Malone said, “Nur Cic blew us, he played very confrontational.”

Although the Blazers in the outbreak, but the Malone coach does not think that there is any big change in Nur Cic, he was very good.

“I didn’t see any difference. He’s a great passer, he can hit the basket with the ball.” Malone said, “we have our starting center Jodichi, Nur Cic came here to help them, I am happy for him, he is a good boy.”

In addition to Nuerqiqi, Mackler M’s 39 performance today also dazzling. After the game, coach Malone said his players can not defend against CJ, but before the game, CJ is expected to erupt.

“When I woke up at 3:15, I felt they couldn’t help me.” Mackler M said.

Zhan Huang eye injury Lu Shuai: This is the strongest season against the body

Design lamborghini logo temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) stickers No.300204The knight away victory over the Hornets, although the match in James scored a quasi three pairs of data, but he is also in his right eye injuries, be absent tomorrow to the game against the wizards.

After James once again talked about his team shortly before the holiday, as the big three holiday was warning alliance. “If the coach decides not to let me play, it’s not because I’m resting, it’s because I have an injury.” Zhan Huangru said, tomorrow can play in doubt.

Cleveland coach tyronn Lue think today’s game of the season the team experienced the body against the strongest match, James agreed on this point: “I love our tonight’s game spirit, we took the fear of physical concepts into the game, which fundamentally help us win, because we finally always maintain the intensity of confrontation from beginning to.”

Zhan Huang eye injury Lu Shuai: This is the strongest season against the body

The final victory helped the Cavaliers clinched the division first, Lu Shuai said: “this win, keep the eastern first, winning the division leaders are good for our attack, I want to see the team played a good game, the next time I will be tested.” Focus on the attitude also let the Knights defense further in the evening, the Hornets hit rate is limited to 42%, believe that this change will make lucescu pleased, because before the four game of their opponent’s hit rate in more than 50%.

Although the Hornets have the opportunity in the distal tied, but they ultimately did not grasp. The history of the seventh season, the Cavaliers swept the Hornets coach Kerrey Fuld admits the opponent: “they played the strongest performance tonight, after watching their last game against Denver, You’ll see. they will be taken seriously, to attack.” Of course, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s defense.